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Surety Bonds from TPHJ

Many businesses engage contractors to complete various projects for them. A surety bond is a contract that ensures project completion in the event that the original contractor fails to finish the job. Tozier Parkway Housh Jones provides many different kinds of surety bonds. These bonds all fall into four basic categories:

  1. A bid bond ensures that a bid is submitted in good faith and the contractor will enter the contract and provide required services at the bid price.
  2. A performance bond guarantees project completion with adherence to the schedules, plans and other specifications indicated in the contract.
  3. A payment bond ensures that a contractor will pay workers, subcontractors and suppliers as required by law.
  4. An ancillary bond guarantees factors essential to a contract but not necessarily directly related to the performance of the required tasks.

Commercial Bonds

TPHJ offers hundreds of different bonds. Commercial bonds are some of the most common. These bonds include license and permit bonds as well as contractor bonds and others. The majority of commercial bonds are annual and can be renewed yearly with the payment of yearly premiums. Below is a list of commercial bonds commonly issued by TPHJ. You can review this list to find one that best fits your needs or contact us for further information.

  • Agriculture dealer bonds
  • Alcohol and tobacco tax bonds
  • Business service bonds
  • Collection agency bonds
  • Concessionaires bonds
  • Drillings bonds
  • Employment agency bonds
  • Farm labor bonds
  • Financially responsible officer bonds
  • Food service bonds
  • Freight broker bonds
  • Game promotion bonds
  • Health studio bonds
  • Incentive bonds
  • Janitorial service bonds
  • Landlord-tenant bonds
  • Landscaping bonds
  • Lost security bonds
  • Maintenance bonds
  • Medicaid provider bonds
  • Medicare (DMEPOS) bonds
  • Mobile home dealer bonds
  • Money transmitter bonds
  • Mortgage broker bonds
  • Motor vehicle dealer bonds
  • Out-of-state bonds
  • Pawnbroker bonds
  • Private school bonds
  • Professional solicitor bonds
  • Property appraisal bonds
  • Public adjuster bonds
  • Public officer bonds
  • Sales tax bonds
  • Seller of travel bonds
  • Service contracts
  • Statement of bonding limits
  • Supply bonds
  • Talent agent bonds
  • Tax bonds
  • Telemarketing bonds
  • Title agent bonds
  • Utility deposit bonds

Legally Required Bonds

Certain bonds are optional but important ways of protecting your business. Other bonds are mandated by the state or municipality in which a company or contractor does business.

License and permit bonds usually fall into the category of legally required surety bonds. These commercial bonds guarantee that a company or individual licensee will perform according to the legal requirements of the state or municipality in which they operate.

Court bonds, another type of legally required bond, may be required during legal proceedings. These are most commonly required during cases involving monetary judgments or the handling of a deceased individual’s estate.

Whatever your surety bond needs may be, Tozier Parkway Housh Jones has a solution for you. Call today to learn more.

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